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Delete JS.LockPage.21: Complete Guide to Remove JS.LockPage.21

What is JS.LockPage.21?

JS.LockPage.21 is identified as malicious Trojan infection which has recently created havoc amongst the users of Windows PC. It has been created by the cyber crooks with malignant intention to make illegal profits. The wild level of the threat is high and geographical distribution is global.


How JS.LockPage.21 penetrates in the targeted system?

Usually, it gets attached with spam emails as well as pen drives to penetrate in the system. Additionally, sharing files, on P2P networks, visiting malicious sites, downloading freeware are also causes for the Trojan attacks. Moreover, it may also come in the system bundled with other harmful threats and damage the system severely.

What are the harmful impacts of JS.LockPage.21 on system?

Once gets installed, it will severely affect the system performance. Initially, it tries to alter the default settings to gain full control of the PC. You will also detect several unknown files, folders, icons and shortcuts at different location of the system. It is also responsible for degrading PC performance, corrupting important files, disabling installed programs and many more.

Does JS.LockPage.21 affect the user identity?

Presence of JS.LockPage.21 is extremely dangerous for the personal identity of the users. You should know that it has been designed in such a way which can keep its eyes on your online activities and steal the sensitive as well as financial details. This threat can make you suffer from identity theft situations if stays for long time.

Why JS.LockPage.21 is unsafe for the PC?

This threat can bring more dangerous threats in the system by disabling Windows Firewall alert. You may also detect lots of running processes in the task manager which can increase the CPU usage. It can directly affect the system and regular crashing of the operating system is also possible.

How can i protect my system from JS.LockPage.21?

Long time existence of the threat can make your system completely useless. Therefore, if you have detected any of its symptoms then you should try to remove it permanently to avoid troubles of future.

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