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Delete J-Ransom Ransomware Permanently (Removal Guide)

Yesterday, when i attempted to open owrd document then J-Ransom Ransomware displayed that my files has been encrypted. I noticed some unknown extension after the file name. It was shocking for me that none of my documents was accessible. Then i detected a ransom note on the desktop which said that i need to pay the ransom amount to restore my data. Is it safe to pay the money? Is there any powerful method to remove J-Ransom Ransomware from the system? How can i restore my files without paying any penny? Please help me.

J-Ransom Ransomware

J-Ransom Ransomware is a new variant of ransomware which was firstly observed in early July 2017. Generally, it is distributed with spam emails which contain a MS word document as an attachment. After penetrating in the system, J-Ransom Ransomware will make use of AES encryption algorithms to encrypt all types of files and adds .LoveYou extension. When you will attempt to access the files then an error message will appear on the screen “Your personal files has been encrypted”. It will say that an unique key has been generated for your PC which is stored on a hidden server. It will create a ransom note i.e. ReadMe.txt on the desktop. It displays that user need to download a TOR browser and contact on the given email address. It also forces the user to pay hefty ransom amount.

You need to know that J-Ransom Ransomware is only a scam of the third party hackers whose only motive is to make illegal profit by fooling the innocent users. If you will proceed to make payment from its links then hackers will secretly record your sensitive information related to bank account, password, user names, login ID etc. Additionally, even after sending money, you will not be able to restore the files because it is almost impossible to decrypt the files which have been encrypted by the ransomware. Moreover, it can disable the PC functions in which you will not be able to perform any activity on time. Thus, what are you waiting for, if you want to prevent your PC from further troubles then remove J-Ransom Ransomwareit without making any delay.

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