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Delete Pisarya.ru: How to Eliminate Pisarya.ru Completely

I am detecting Pisarya.ru at the place of my default homepage. This page is in Russian language which looks like a search engine. I have also found lots of changes in the default settings of the system and unable to understand the reason behind it. Why i am unable to visit any site of my choice? Is Pisarya.ru a legitimate site? Could you please help me to remove Pisarya.ru because it is interrupting my online session? All the suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.


Pisarya.ru is recognized as low quality search engine which comes under the category of browser hijacker. This page has been recently detected by the users of Russia which claims to enhance the browsing experience by providing fastest search results. You need to know that Pisarya.ru is used by the cyber criminals for advertising purpose. If you will proceed to surf the web using its search bar then your screen will be flooded with unstoppable pop ups and advertisements. It displays promotional alerts and convinces the users to install the latest version of software or programs. Additionally, it also provides links to download free music, video, audio files etc. However, all these links may look like real but do not click on it. Pisarya.ru is an unsafe site, so you need to remove its existence in the early stage after detection.

By clicking on the links of Pisarya.ru, you are allowing bundles of malicious spyware or malware to penetrate in the system. Even more, it has capability to change the homepage settings and drops its own extensions in the web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. These add-ons will not allow you to open any legitimate site and constantly re-route to the malicious pages of the hackers. Moreover, it may use your browsing history to display related advertisements to get more clicks. This hijacker will try to gain the system control and carries ability to disable all the installed programs including security tools. What’s worse, it can also gather your sensitive information by monitoring the online session and bypass the collected data to the remote location servers. Hence, we suggest our users to remove Pisarya.ru permanently to avoid further hazards.

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