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Remove Stampado Ransomware Completely to Protect the PC

Threat Assessment of Stampado Ransomware:-

  • Name: Stampado Ransomware
  • Type: Ransomware
  • Wild level: High
  • Invasion Method: Comes with spam emails as an attachment
  • Harmful Impacts: Uses strong algorithms to encrypt all types of files and demands ransom amount to decrypt them.
  • Removal: Difficult

Stampado Ransomware

Stampado Ransomware is recognized as notorious ransomware which is available on the dark market. It does not require user permission to penetrate in the system and gets installed under the internal files. After entering in the system, Stampado Ransomware makes use of asymmetric (AES-256) algorithms to encrypt all types of files, images, videos, documents, database files etc. Once done, it will append .locked extension in all the files and makes them completely inaccessible. You will detect a ransom note on the desktop. It will say that your files has been encrypted and a unique key has been generated which is available on a hidden server. It says that you need to pay $39 USD to get the key. In fact, it also provides a time limit of 96 hours and claims that if you will make delay in payment then key will be deleted from the server and you may lose all the chances to recover the files.

Stampado Ransomware will ask the users to contact on its email address such as (mrlocker@protonmail.com, leadbizz@mail2tor.com, timegame@protonmail.ch, erik.verdam7@gmail.com, akseltera@sigaint.org, mando@tuta.io or mr.security@protonmail.com) etc. After getting such types of alerts many users proceed to make payment. But you need to know that it is only a scam of the third party hackers whose only aim is to make illegal profits by the fooling the innocent users. It have ability to record your keystrokes when you will type your credential details including bank account number, password, user names, credit card information etc. The worst part is that even payment will not help you to decrypt the files. In such a case, you will lose your important files as well as money. Thus, we suggest our users to take immediate action in the removal of Stampado Ransomware from the system instead of sending money to the hackers.

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