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Remove Bestworthy.com Completely from Chrome, Firefox and IE

Yesterday, when i launched my web browser, i found Bestworthy.com as my default homepage. Then i tried to open any other site but still my search results got redirected to its page. I have also detected unknown extension in my browsers. I am unable to understand the reason behind such automatic changes in my system? Is Bestworthy.com a genuine site? How it entered in my system? Is there any powerful way to remove its presence completely? Please help me.


Bestworthy.com is regarded as browser hijacker which pretends to be a legitimate domain. Generally, it penetrates in the system bundled with the free programs and gets installed in the web browsers. This hijacker is capable to gain the system controls by performing unwanted changes in the default settings. In fact, all your search results will be automatically diverted to Bestworthy.com which will display lots of advertisements and pop ups. It will claim to help the users in their online session to save time and money. You will find attractive deals, offers, discount coupons on the screen which seems like legitimate. Beware with such alerts because if you will proceed to make payment from its links then hackers will secretly record your banking details, credit card information, password, user Ids and many more. Hence, you need to remove Bestworthy.com immediately after detection.

Bestworthy.com has been created by the third party hackers with illegal aim. They only try to increase its network traffic in order to earn revenue. Even more, this site also displays advertisements of the bogus programs and convince the users to download its free version. Once you will click on download and Next button without reading the EULA and privacy policy then lots of low quality programs will also penetrate in the system. It can cause slow down of the working speed of all the basic functions of the PC as well as Internet connection. Moreover, you will find suspicious codes or payloads in the registry editor. Normal web session will become extremely annoying as it can open several new tabs in the web browsers. It can cause permanent freezing of the operating system if exists longer. So, you are advised to delete Bestworthy.com quickly from the infected PC.

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